Better Social Media and SEO

Better Website Content

Potential leads and investors seek fresh and informative content. Outdated information is a turn-off and poor search engine optimization (SEO) will cause visitors to go elsewhere. 

We take a different approach. We start with a blank piece of paper and create high-quality, and compelling. We also use our proprietary SEO techniques specifically tailored to attract clients or investors focused on your industry.

We have access to expert authors across the world including the professionals that develop content for well-known sites such as,,, and others. Your website will feature relevant and insightful content. 

Better LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn offers a potent outbound marketing avenue when executed with finesse. However, it takes a lot of time to be successful and you want to avoid SPAMMING your network. That’s why we offer a Better LinkedIn Strategy.

To help you stand out, we provide you with an updated banner cover and can implement a customized tailored posting strategy including leveraging trusted content from your website. By utilizing this content, you can save precious time that would otherwise be spent on extensive personalized copywriting, all while still providing your audience with relevant and insightful information. Remember, your LinkedIn network comprises individuals who may work for your company, your competitors, or suppliers. While maintaining professional connections is valuable, bombarding them with repeated marketing and SPAM-type efforts can be counterproductive. 

Providing professionally written educational materials and industry news will help you build trust with your prospects, ultimately converting them into qualified leads or investors when they are ready.

Better Facebook Pages

You may enjoy using Facebook and keeping in contact with friends and neighbors; however, personal Facebook pages will be utilized by leads to assess your professionalism.  That’s why we offer a Better Facebook Strategy. 

First, you should control visibility of your personal Facebook by using Facebook settings to hide comments from anyone but your invited friends. While your personal network may be supportive, frequent marketing posts will annoy your circle of friends, most of whom are likely too embarrassed to tell you. 

Second, we recommend establishing a dedicated Facebook Business page, automatically updated with content from your website’s blog or Facebook optimized content. We will also create a new cover that aligns with your website’s colors and themes. 

This approach capitalizes on ‘frequency marketing,’ reinforcing brand awareness, name recognition, and engagement through consistent messaging. Without resorting to SPAM, it leverages a proven marketing technique. The outcome: saved time and an enhanced professional online image.

Better Email & Text Marketing

Do you struggle to maintain connections with leads and potential clients because you’re uncertain about what to communicate? In a world where email marketing can be time-consuming and often perceived as SPAM, we offer a solution. We provide a curated collection of marketing campaigns, custom-tailored for your industry.

Unlike generic SPAM-type emails commonly used by thousands of commissioned professionals, our campaigns are strategically designed to motivate leads and clients to take action, encouraging valuable connections and nurturing meaningful conversations. Whether you rely on popular CRM systems, or use email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail, our campaigns seamlessly integrate with your chosen platforms, delivering impactful messaging that consistently produces results.

Better SEO Techniques

Our SEO Makes You Even More Visible

There are thousands of businesses marketing through Google, Bing, and now CHAT GPT. When integrated into your website design, our SEO techniques will make you more credible and help you generate qualified leads.

Our SEO Techniques Are Exclusive to You

We only take a limited number of professionals so when we generate an idea or concept for you, it is yours exclusively. We avoid conflict of interests and do not share our techniques or methods to your competitors.

Our SEO Techniques Are Constantly Updated

Our SEO techniques are adjusted 24 hours a day to keep pace with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok & other platforms that constantly change algorithms. Your website is constantly updated with fresh, customized content.

Better Social Media Tracking

With A Customized Marketing Performance Scorecard

Marketing efforts move fast, and so do we. We integrate and keep you up to date with all your data in one place. From website traffic, social media, website rankings, backlinks and more, our Marketing Performance Scorecard will keep you informed!