Guaranteed Performance

Because we handle it all for you, we offer an unbeatable straightforward guarantee. Unlike other guarantees that come with hidden caveats and complexities, our guarantee is refreshingly simple: if we can’t deliver on our promises, your second year is absolutely free. Or, if you wish to cancel, all website & social media designs we created for you are yours to keep.  No questions asked. There is no requirement for you to launch spam-type emails or attend training workshops. This guarantee aligns with our unwavering confidence in our strategies and our belief that successful marketing isn’t a quick overnight task but a process that must build sustainable value for your practice.

90% Grade on Google

Although no one is perfect, when you work with us, we guarantee that your website will receive grades of 90% or higher on Google’s eight-factor tests, which encompass performance, accessibility, design best practices, and SEO. These scores directly influence who visits your website and how long they stay. 

"A" Grade on GTmetrix

GTmetrix is an independent company that assesses websites. Due to our choice not to rely on outdated or closed proprietary systems for hosting your website, we can confidently guarantee that your site will consistently receive ‘A’ ratings. These scores have a direct impact on website traffic and SEO performance.

100% Return on Your Investment

Our marketing strategies deliver motivated leads that boost your success rate of closing. This unwavering commitment extends to ensuring a 100% return on investment (“ROI”) within the first 12 months. If we fall short, we’ll grant you an additional year of service absolutely free. 

We Guarantee 90% + Google Grades

We guarantee that any website we design will achieve Google performance scores of 90%+. These scores are crucial measures of website performance, encompassing factors like SEO and mobile-friendliness. Achieving scores of 90% or higher in these metrics is significantly more effective than investing in costly advertising campaigns aimed at securing the top position for specific keyword searches. A website that delivers 90% scores consistently is favored by search engines and retains visitors, increasing the likelihood of converting them into clients. 

We Guarantee an A Grade from GTmetrix

Going the extra mile, we guarantee websites we design will also achieve a GTmetrix rating of “A”. This independent grade, which thoroughly assess metrics like page loading speed, SEO optimization, and technical elements, ensures that your website excels not only on Google but also on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. A GTmetrix “A” rating validates that your website is relevant and has lightning-fast performance. With both 90%+ Google ratings and an  “A” GTmetrix grade, your website will be finely tuned for both user satisfaction and enhanced search engines visibility.

GT Metrix A Performance

We Guarantee 100% Return on Your Investment (ROI)

100% Return on Investment

When you decide to collaborate with us, we are dedicated to making sure that every dollar you invest yields a minimum of a dollar in return. Our unwavering commitment to your success is encapsulated in this 100% ROI guarantee. Should we ever fail to meet this commitment within the first year of our partnership, we’ll provide an entire second year of our services at absolutely no cost. No questions ask. You decide.

With 24/7 Insights via Google Analytics

When your website is designed and hosted by us, you receive access to Google Analytics, a powerful tool that tracks and analyze various aspects of your website’s performance. This invaluable resource provides deep insights into website traffic, user behavior, and audience demographics. With Google Analytics, you can effortlessly access data related to page views, unique visitors, bounce rates, conversion tracking, and a wealth of other performance metrics.